Taylor’s always too Swift to turn on the Phony Surprise!

Dear Taylor Swift. We know you are young, and “talented” (it does after all take a great deal of talent to write the same miserable breakup dirge of a song over and over and still profit from it), and successful, and have managed to sleep your way through Hollywood without being dubbed “Trampy Taylor” – in our opinion the most impressive feat (and one for which I’m sure Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson resent you for). So is it really necessary to pretend to be SO shocked, in an OTT “oh my gosh I can’t believe this is happening to me” way EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WIN AN AWARD???  Yes Taylor. You won. Again. So stop with the pretentious “who me” charade. And, dear readers, just as an FYI, most of the time this saccharine sweet southern belle knows when she’s winning ahead of time (ahem, AMAs…). Which makes this insipid display of forced self deprecation more painful to watch than Lea Michele contorting herself on the red carpet.

And p.s. Kanye you were right. Beyonce’s video WAS the best that year.

photo via hollywoodreporter


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