Will the Real Perez Hilton Please Stand Up?

Dear Perez Hilton aka Mario whateveryourlastnameis, we are calling you out. We are very disappointed in you. You used to be witty and unafraid to say it like it is. Now you are a sycophantic star f*cker who only cares about promoting those who pay you or will do you favors. Give it up. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, or how many events you go to with Kat Graham, these people don’t really like you. They are just using you too. So we guess like does attract like, and users attract users, but be careful that being too much of a user doesn’t turn you into a big skinny loser. Anyway, we’re already bored of this topic now (just at the thought of reading your now boring blog sends us into a stupor). Next!

photo via zimbio


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