Keep Ryan under Lochte and Key!

Mr Ryan Lochte , we understand that it takes a certain, ahem ‘mindset’ to be able to swim monotonous laps for years on end and push tires and what not, and the studies of the long term effects of chlorine on the brain have clearly not been looked into properly, but please make like your name and Lochte your self up inside your training facilities. Quit whoring yourself, your abs and your medals down every red carpet you can find. Like a red flag to a bull, so is a red carpet to make you come running. So stop, try a new thing called ‘thinking’ – you do not come over well, and you’re not doing yourself any favors with this excessive schedule of public appearances. So do what you do best, and get thee to the pool, before America gives you to China!

photo via celebrity-gossip


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