Who Are You Kidding Nicole?

Rumor has it Nicole Kidman has not only one, but both of her daughters via a surrogate, allegedly her sister Antonia who happened to “disappear” around the time Nicole announced her first “pregnancy.“ Which means she toted around Beyonce’s favorite accessory, a fake baby bump for a few months. I guess these stars do like “method acting” approach when it comes to pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. Oh well, at least Nicole admitted it the second time around. Will Beyonce do the same or do we have to go through the “closer down hospital wing” charade again?

photo via mamamia


What do you think of Hugh Jackman’s beard?

Dear Hugh Jackman, we are of the opinion that you need a new beard. Your current beard just doesn’t do justice to your handsome face. It doesn’t suit you. It isn’t convincing. It doesn’t make anyone think you are more manly…You can have a better beard Hugh. One more like Matthew Mcconaugay’s– oh sorry, excuse the spelling – we meant Mcconaughey. You looked much more happy when you starring in ‘The Boy from Oz’ on broadway, being fabulous, flamboyant, and more feminine, without your beard.

photo via joblo