Is Baby Xander a mini X-Man?

We hear the set of X-Men First Class was more X-rated than the film itself!

Rumor has it blonde Brit Alice Eve got ousted from the role of Emma Frost after the director, Matthew Vaughn, felt she was too “heavy” for the role/costume plus (the real reason) he took an, ahem, special liking to January Jones who ultimately replaced Ms Eve. Let’s face it, while Miss Eve may not be exactly an Oscar worthy actress herself, Ms Jones attempted frosty line delivery left us in the cold.

Cue 9 months later, January gives birth to a baby boy who she names, coincidentally, Xander, and has still refused to announce the father. Could it be Mr Vaughn, who is still married to Claudia Schiffer (well her certainly has a type!) created a mini X-Man with his leading lady? It certainly doesn’t help quell suspicion that the baby is his spitting image. What is it with these married British directors getting with their American leading ladies??

photo via aceshowbiz and us magazine


A Masterful Performance by Wacky Phoenix

We just viewed The Master. And we were blown away by 2 things – how truly terrible the film was, and but how incredible the performances of Phillips Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix were. After winning actor wards at the Venice film festival, critics are already crying Oscar! But before any golden statues are handed out, we one small question…while it’s beyond a doubt Philip totally transformed himself for the sinister Scientologist-inspired role, did Joaquin? Or is playing a wacked out crazy drunkard simply anything more than a day in the life of the former greatness that was Joaquin Phoenix. Will he rise like a Phoenix from the ‘I’m Still Here’ ashes this awards season? Or is he merely playing himself?

ALSO – Joaquin – what’s up with your eye and your back???

Policing Fashion Police

According to Kelly, it’s a fashion faux pas to be too matchy matchy… but apparently that doesn’t apply to matching your hideous hair to your dress!

Attention E! Network. We LOVE Fashion Police. We LIVE for Joan Rivers  – she is hilarious and getting her was a major coup. And we love George Kotsipoulos because he seems like a genuine guy, who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fashion, is cute and has a great laugh. But we do not understand the casting of Giuliana “dresses like a cheesy teenager at the age of 40” Rancic or Kelly “no style, horrendous hair, arrogant attitude” Osbourne. Let us address Giuliana, or “G” as she is affectionately known first. Great anchor, nice girl, great voice has become a massive fame whore but has ZERO style and terrible taste. Even the grand purveyer of tacky herself, Kimora Lee Simmons, was a better choice. And then there is Wednesday Adams, whoops sorry, Kelly Osbourne, whose style is as hideous as her hair color and tattoos. PLUS Ms Osbourne – you used to be cool, funny and edgy, now you come off as pretentious, arrogant, up yourself and quite frankly sanctimonious for no good reason. You are the weakest link, goodbye. Don’t worry though we hear the teletubbies are casting!

photos via justjared / thecelebritygossiper