Is Baby Xander a mini X-Man?

We hear the set of X-Men First Class was more X-rated than the film itself!

Rumor has it blonde Brit Alice Eve got ousted from the role of Emma Frost after the director, Matthew Vaughn, felt she was too “heavy” for the role/costume plus (the real reason) he took an, ahem, special liking to January Jones who ultimately replaced Ms Eve. Let’s face it, while Miss Eve may not be exactly an Oscar worthy actress herself, Ms Jones attempted frosty line delivery left us in the cold.

Cue 9 months later, January gives birth to a baby boy who she names, coincidentally, Xander, and has still refused to announce the father. Could it be Mr Vaughn, who is still married to Claudia Schiffer (well her certainly has a type!) created a mini X-Man with his leading lady? It certainly doesn’t help quell suspicion that the baby is his spitting image. What is it with these married British directors getting with their American leading ladies??

photo via aceshowbiz and us magazine