Fifty Types of Pairings: Who would you like cast as Christian and Ana?

Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) and Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike). Alexis has the cute klutzy routine down to an art, while Alex did the dark and stormy tortured routine in Beastly. Plus we know he’s a bad boy in real life…


Magic Mingling

Magic Mike was a star studded bare chest fest, directed by one of Hollywood’s hottest directors, starring some of Hollywood’s hottest names, and distributed by one of Hollywood’s hottest studios – Warner Brothers. And of course beloved by Desperate Housewives everywhere. But there was one itty bitty oddity…the casting of an unknown ingénue called Cody Horn as the lead female opposite Channing Tatum. Who is this girl, cried the press? Not out of wonder over her acting (which was underwhelming at best), but out of sheer curiosity. Well, dear reader, allow us to elaborate. Ms Horn is the daughter of former Warner Bros head honcho Alan Horn (now head of Disney). Can’t imagine how that casting came about…? What did you guys think of Cody’s performance? Deserving of the role, or Daddy’s lucky little girl?

photos via crushable / zimbio