David Burtka Who?

Question: Why is this random guy (David Burtka) fronting E! News?

Oh wait, THAT’S RIGHT, because he is the partner of Neil Patrick Harris. Shame on you E! Network, Despite being a chef, this guy isn’t bringing anything to the table. You should get someone who is a trained professional like Ryan Seacrest and Jason Kennedy.

photo via tvlistings


Giuliana Phone Home!(to Mama Depandi for pasta)

SOUND THE ALARM!! Call Steven Spielberg! The E! Channel stole ET FROM Universal Studios to co-host the Emmys red carpet show with Ryan Seacrest! We realize they are all part of the NBC/Universal family wouldn’t ET have at least been more appropriate for the Oscars on ET, not E!. Oh, wait, sorry, what was that? That WASN’T ET you say, that was Giuliana Rancic? Gosh sincerest apologies Mr Spielberg, false alarm, continue as you were. In the meantime, dear Giuliana – we realize jumping on every press opportunity that comes your way and squeezing every last media whoring morsel out your new child (who cares anyway) doesn’t leave much time for food, but we’re increasingly worried about you. You should take a leaf out of Lady Gaga’s book and eat your parent’s Italian food. Or is this actually a sly plot to come out as an anorexic next year for another press tour/reality show once the furor over the baby has died down? We wouldn’t put it past you Rancids

photo via atrl