Seth Macfarlane and Emilia Clarke

Our new favorite couple! Ted and Family Guy creator and voice, Seth Macfarlane is LA’s equivalent of the Great Gatsby. Smart, sexy, handsome, frequently throws lavish, decadent parties at his Beverly Hills mansion, but strikes somewhat of a loner-ish figure at them, instead taking a voyeuristic approach, not inviting many friends (except the ubiquitous Bill Maher) and instead hiring PRs to invite hoards of models from various agencies in town, yet not really interacting with them, instead keeping to himself and only venturing out to perform rat pack era jazz songs on stage (very well we might add). We know Seth is a sci-fi geek to the core (the presence of the De Lorean and Storm Troopers at his events are a bit of a giveaway), and Emilia Clarke is the newly anointed Sci -fi princess, with her role as Khaleesi, mother of dragons, in Game of Thrones. Plus she is a refreshing departure from the revolving door of blonde bimbettes Seth usually carts around in his jet to Vegas. We hope this Gatsby has finally found his Sci Fi Daisy!

photo via us magazine