Linz & lots of Dick

Is it just us or does Lindsay Lohan more closely resemble screen siren Elizabeth Taylor in her older years than when they were the same age? How is this girl only in her mid twenties – she looks fifty! Complete with wraspy voice, a puffed up pout and goodness knows what else she’s done to herself! She could have been Emma Stone, but instead she chose to get stoned. Kiddies if ever there was a “don’t do drugs” poster child, this is it!

photos via the frisky / the metapicture


Perry Bad Singing!

With the sounds emanating from Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour, PETA could have been forgiven for rushing to the aid of what sounded like the world’s loudest cat having it’s claws pulled out, one by one, then being dragged through a thorny hedge backwards, by the tail. Katy, we love you, your wacky style, your beauty, your songwriting skills, your fun performances and your attitude! BUT please consider lip syncing –performing live minus an autotune just isn’t for you honey bunny. Best leave that to the divas who can actually sing.

photo via radaronline

Magic Mingling

Magic Mike was a star studded bare chest fest, directed by one of Hollywood’s hottest directors, starring some of Hollywood’s hottest names, and distributed by one of Hollywood’s hottest studios – Warner Brothers. And of course beloved by Desperate Housewives everywhere. But there was one itty bitty oddity…the casting of an unknown ingénue called Cody Horn as the lead female opposite Channing Tatum. Who is this girl, cried the press? Not out of wonder over her acting (which was underwhelming at best), but out of sheer curiosity. Well, dear reader, allow us to elaborate. Ms Horn is the daughter of former Warner Bros head honcho Alan Horn (now head of Disney). Can’t imagine how that casting came about…? What did you guys think of Cody’s performance? Deserving of the role, or Daddy’s lucky little girl?

photos via crushable / zimbio

Nothing LIVELY About Blake’s Acting!

Rumor has it movie producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti and Universal Studios casting director Jeff Gelber has tapped Blake Lively as the frontrunner to play Anastasia Steele’s best friend Kate Kavanagh in the highly anticipated movie adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ Um…WHY? Despite the usual critical savaging over her so called “acting” in Oliver Stone’sSavages,’ a continuously monotonous mumble delivery, and playing every role as a diffident California Girl, Blake remains on casting director’s wish lists. If anything, Blake should star in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ because we simply don’t get it. Do you?

But we to be fair, we would like to congratulate Blake on great work done in the nose and boob departments, and on her new role as a power beard to one of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers.

photos via igossip / 8plasticsurgery